Legends and mysteries of Cracow

A legend is like a river. Springing from mankind down the centuries, legends are the sisters of history, in the words of Voltaire. The fascinating world of Cracovian legends, sagas, myths, tales, anecdotes and mysteries is a rich and vibrant one; it captures the imagination and touches the heart. According to the polish proverb, there is a seed of truth in every legend… this very seed we find the most intriguing.

Each legend has its own life. It lives forever, unpredictable and perpetually transforming itself. Like the flow of the River Vistula- it is evolving, meandering, disappearing, only to appear again many years after, or even to burst like a spring from some subterranean realm… 

Franciszek Walczowski - Krak on Wawel's Hill - Historical Museum of the City of Cracow

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